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Problems of today’s Call centers

Increasing customer expectations

With all the digital and social channels, reshaping customer expectations and increasing bussiness competition. It became even harder for call centers to meet their customer’s expectations.

Agent recruitment and retention

Hiring the right agents has always been a challenge for call center managers. One wrong choice can in fact compromise a number of customer relationships and or their experiences. Call centers are suffering due to high agent fluctuation.

Accurate reporting and analytics

With all kinds of different systems mashed together, getting accurate and consistent reports becomes a colossal problem for call center managers. This is not the case with our solution.

10+ Call centers feel being in a better control of their customer care and tele sales.

We are improving your customer care & tele sales, making your mission more effective. We also can help you in the customer care & tele sales area aswell as knowledge about operators and customers.

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App Features

Let’s take a look at some of the most important features of the Discidius program.

Saving time - getting feedback

Save time and get feedback about your operators effortlessly. You can have a clear overview of your employee’s performances thanks to our operator quality index.

Quality drop detection

Early quality drop detection. Be able to prevent an undesirable impact of a bad customer care before it can even occur.

Stabilize fluctuation

Stabilize your fluctuation and decrease the costs associated with hiring new employees. Focus your attention where it’s needed the most.

Operator rating

There is an easy operator rating solution aswell. Thanks to our personalized overview of your operators, you can set up your own rating criteria.

Unusual calls

An early detection of unusual emotional behavior. Be able to backwards track moments or words which made the client respond negatively during the call.

Unsuccessful calls

Detect calls in which client had no time to speak at all. Or the calls that were just about the operators, without any reasonable interaction on the client side.

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Why choose us?

Our experience in customer care and the technolgy, which is based on emotion recognition from human voice allows us to provide our customers with the best possible products and services.

Stabilise your fluctuation
Decrease your costs
Get feedback about your operators
Motivate your operators